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Solar Products

  • Solar Power Plants
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Water Pump
  • Solar Ceiling Fan
  • Solar Pedestal Fan
  • Solar Table Fan
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Torch Light
  • Solar Fencing
  • Solar AC
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Mobile Charger
  • Solar Module Mounting
  • Solar Air Coolers
  • SolarToys Product

Solar Power Plants - Product code:MARS-SPP-B1

We provide solar power plant as per the requirement of client in various capacity range. We do

  • Feasibility study, site surveys,
  • Concept design and detailed engineering design,
  • Procurement of material and equipment,
  • Civil work and Electrical work,
  • Commissioning and operation,
  • Maintenance and after sales services
  • .
Solar Power Plants Solar Power Plants

Solar Hybrid Inverter- On line / Off line – MARS-SHI-B1

Solar Hybrid Inverter/UPS is unique solution where both solar power and Utility AC mains is utilized to charge the battery and support the load. Typically solar power gets the priority to charge the battery and supply to the load. This solar hybrid Inverter/UPS solution is ranging from 800VA to 10000VA capacities depending on client load requirement and have extended battery backup. This solar hybrid Inverter/UPS type of solution is very useful when reliable grid power is not available.

Solar Hybrid Inverter Solar Hybrid Inverter Solar Hybrid Inverter

Solar Water Heating Systems - Product code:MARS-SWH-B1

We offer a wide range of solar water heating systems, which are approved by MNRE and Government of India. These are available in 100, 150,200, 250 300 and 500 liters capacity. Further, our range is a device that uses solar energy to heat water and can operate in any climate.

Evacuate Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)

This range of solar heater is designed using advanced technology, which is tested in the international market. These are prepared using raw materials,they ensure longer working life thereby defeating the vagaries of the climate conditions in India.

Advantages :

  • High performance heat convergence.
  • Vacuum Tubes: These vacuum tubes have been designed with a borosilicate glass, giving it a better stroke resistance.
  • The well-synchronized aluminum, nitrogen & carbon planting which effectively absorbs solar energy up to 93%.
  • GI 2.5 MM / SS 0.5mm inner tank with puf insulation.
  • Automatic argon arc welding equipment prevents chemical reaction in joints ensuring contamination free water.
  • 0.5 MM thick, polyurethane thermal material acts as an excellent protection against dampness, high temperature and aging.
  • The high performance foaming also offers better integration between the inner tank and outer shell.
  • It also maintains the water temperature during cold season.
  • Specially made for hard water.

Technical Details :

  • Heat convergence tube: 0 58-1800, 058 -2100.
  • Inner tank material: GI 2.5 MM.
  • Outer shell materials: 0.5 mm thick polyurethane.
  • Stand material: GI 1.5 MM.

Some of the characteristics of solar water heater are as follows :

  • Saves electricity.
  • Helps in preservation of the environment as it is a non-polluting source of energy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Involves zero running cost safe as electricity or gas is not required.
Solar Water Heating Systems Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Pump - Product code:MARS-SWP-B1

1HP to 15HP AC motor for pumping water upto 2km suitable for both drip water & continuous flow

Being a client centric firm we are supplying an extensive array of Solar Agricultural Pumps. These are manufactured using best material and advanced technology that ensures its high durability. Offered product is widely used to lift water for irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens and many more applications. Moreover, these are easy to install and are highly reliable in nature.

Applications :

  • Flood irrigation.
  • Community Water Supply.
  • Poultry Farming.
  • Drip Irrigation.
  • Fish Farming.
  • Cattle watering.

Why Solar Pumps :

  • Independence from Grid.
  • Independence from Diesel Price increase.
  • Pollution & Noise free.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Environment friendly.
Solar Water Pump Solar Water Pump

Solar Street Light - Product code:MARS-SSL-12W

MARS power presents Solar Powered LED Outdoor Street Lighting System.

It consists of Solar Product LED Luminary with higher efficient Boost connecter, Battery and mounted onto a stand alone system with necessary hardware & cables.

System Operation

The system operates microprocessor automates automatically activates from sunset also protect the battery preventing overhanging and protect against deep discharging.

Running Time 12 – 13 Hours/day (Auto).

Features of LED Street Lighting System :

  • Operates Dust to.
  • No need operator.
  • 3 days Autonomy (non-sunshine days).
  • Eliminate electricity billing.
  • Life above 50,000 Burning hours (15 years).
  • Can be design for customer request & as per more specifications.
  • Light fitting capacity: 12w, 15W,24W,27W, 36W,70W.
  • panel:50w,80w,100w,150w,300w.
  • Battery Capacity:40AH,80AH,100AH,120AH,150AH.
Solar Street Light Solar Street Light

Solar Ceiling Fan - Product code:MARS-SCF-B1

Energy efficient Solar Ceiling Fan. No Electricity required. Power:35/32/26 watts,12V,DC, Size: 1200mm (48’’), with battery or with out battery, solar panel-50w/80w.

Solar Ceiling Fan

Solar Pedestal Fan - Product code:MARS-SPF-D1

Energy efficient Solar Pedestal Fan. Power:15 watts, 6V,DC, Size: 12’’, height:17inch-22 inch, with battery or with out battery, solar panel-5w/10w. 230 V ,AC charging option.

Solar Pedestal  Fan Solar Pedestal  Fan

Solar Table Fan - Product code:MARS-STF-D1

Energy efficient Solar Table Fan. Power:18/20 watts, 12V,DC, Size: 12/14/16 inch, with battery or with out battery, solar panel-. 230 V ,AC charging option.

Solar Table Fan Solar Table Fan

Solar Lantern - Product code:MARS-SLL-B1

Solar LanternSolar Lantern

Solar Torch Light - Product code:MARS-STL-B1

We supply solar LED torch light . It can be charged through sun light and can be used any time. Long life battery, high power LED.

Solar Torch Light Solar Torch Light

Solar Fencing - Product code:MARS-SFS-B1

Solar Fencing unlike ordinary fences is not connected to the AC mains for battery charging. As it is a known fact that connecting fences with Grid supply is illegal because the power from grid might pass the fence, you need a power grid that is independent. The solar fencing when properly and professionally erected will protect your crops from destructive wild animals, cattle and theft.

Solar fence system enables the control of animals by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock, which is sufficiently memorable that they never forget it. Solar fence has the capacity to power long distances of multiwire fences. This has promoted the use of electric fencing on to large properties and enabled the control of all animals, including wild ones.Solar fencing need not have physical strength because it seldom comes under pressure but it must be well designed and constructed to absorb the impact of animals.

Solar Fencing tab-images

Solar AC - Product code:MARS-SFS-B1

We offer energy efficient solar air conditioning systemin the capacity range of 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton.

Solar AC Solar AC

Solar Panels - Product code:MARS-SPM-10W

  • High efficiency silicon cells.
  • Mono and poly crstalin solar cells.
  • High quality raw material and components.
  • High reliability.
  • Meets IEC and UL standards.
  • Light weight anodized aluminum frame.
  • Up to 400 Watts.
Solar Panels Solar Panels

Solar Mobile Charger - Product code:MARS-SMC-B1

We supply the portable solar mobile charger in various model.

  • Compact and robust metal bodied rechargeable power bank with solar back up.
  • 1500mah rechargeable battery will give most phones an 80% charge.
  • Recharges from mains USB, PC, Car USB or trickle charge from direct sunlight.
  • Large efficient solar panel will recover at least 40% charge a day.
  • Ideal emergency back up or travel charger.
  • Portable solar charger for all phones including, Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry, SONY, Motorola, Nokia, Ipod.
  • Has a flexible led light.
  • Holds charge for months.
Solar Mobile Charger Solar Mobile Charger

Solar Module Mounting Structures - Product code:MARS-SMS-B1

We supply high quality solar module mounting structures as per the requirement for ground mounting and roof mounting.

Solar Module Mounting Structures Solar Module Mounting Structures

Solar Air Coolers/BottleCoolers - Product code:MARS-SAC-B1

Energy efficient Solar Air Cooler. Power:36/42/60watts, 12V,DC, Size: 12’’, with battery or with out battery, solar panel.

Solar Air coolers/BottleCoolers Solar Air coolers/BottleCoolers

SolarToys - Product code:MARS-STY-B1

We market various model solar toys for kids to explore their creativity.

SolarToys SolarToys SolarToys