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Other Products

  • Super Fan
  • Inverters / UPS
  • LED Lights
  • Electronic Weight Scale
  • CCTV Camera System
  • Battery
  • R. O. Plant
  • Electrical Products


Authorized Dealer for Super Fan

Energy efficient ceiling fan – Save more than 50% energy, Micro processor based , Remote controlled operation- 5 speed selection, ON/OFF Control, Fun colours, BEE 5 Star rated with 6.5 service value.

Features :

  • Energy savings, more than 50% savings, lower electricity bill.
  • Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard.
  • High air delivery.
  • Inverter/UPS friendly – Runs twice longer, no extra noise, no speed drop.
  • No speed change due to supply variations or low voltage.
  • Power factor better than 0.9.
  • Service value of more than 6 - more air per watt.
  • BLDC Motor runs cool - No heat generated.
  • LED Indication for remote operation.
  • Attractive colors and designer leaves.
  • 5 years warranty.

Durability :

  • Powder coated Alu-minium die cast body & leaves – no rust.
  • Sensor-less design for more reliability.
  • Parts from reputed sources.
  • Feather touch keys in remote.
  • World-class ball bearings.

Green product :

  • Recyclable card board box.
  • ROHS electronics.
  • VOC free paint.
  • Green packing – no polythene bags or thermo cole.
Super Fan Super Fan Super Fan SUPERFAN


Domestic : 650VA , 850VA & 1 KVA with reputed make battery for various loads and back up timing.

Industruial: From 2.5 KVA to 60 KVA with reputed make battery for various loads and back up timing.

Features :

  • DSP based design with absolute and stable output voltage and frequency.
  • Sophisticated PWM technology and comprehensive display.
  • Tightly regulated output voltage and frequency.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Superior power quality.
  • Over Temperature Protection.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Inverter to mains change over at zero crossing.
  • Soft Start.
  • Quite operation of AC motors as well as the other inductive load.
  • Unlike modified Sine wave.
  • LCD panel display.
  • LCD indications for battery level & load levels with bar graph.
  • Display of all protections like thermal, short circuit, battery low & high cut and overload.
  • Easily moveable with wheel base.
  • TDR time delay relay for compressor based applications.
  • Very low third harmonic distortion < 3%.
Inverters / UPS Inverters / UPS

LED LIGHTS - Product code:MARS-LED-DL01

We market wide range of LED lighting systems for domestic as well as Industrial category.

These products are highly energy efficient with out compromising the lighting performance.


Electronic Weigh Scale - Product code:MARS-EWS-B1

We market wide range of electronic weigh scale for domestic as well as industrial application.

Electronic Weigh Scale Electronic Weigh Scale

CCTV Camera System - Product code:MARS-SCS-B1

We are supplier of CCTV camera system. we supply and install all range of CCTV products as per the client requirement.

CCTV camera system CCTV camera system


Authorized Dealer for Exide & Power Zone batteries.

We market various brand batteries for different application like Transport –Automobile, Network- UPS/Inverters, Motive- Traction.

Battery Battery BATTERY

R. O. PLANT - Product code:MARS-ROP-B1

We are offering Domestic RO Systems that have been precision engineered. These products are not only of premium quality, but also are high on performance. We supply industrial type RO plant also for specific requirement.

Features :

  • High purifying capacity of Membrane which produces 12 liter per hour.
  • Purifies impure water to sweet pure drinking water.
  • Fully automatic with auto start & auto off.
  • Removes active and inactive bacteria and viruses.
  • Water available on demand, even in absence of electricity.
  • Low cost of maintenance and consumables.

Electrical Products

We Supply all type of electrical products for industries & domestic.

Electrical Products Electrical Products Electrical Products